3 Years warranty


3 Years warranty
save up to

65% Energy

remote control


3 Years warranty


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BLDC Ceiling Fan Manufacturer

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OCECO BLDC ceiling Fan

We all know that if we save energy today then tomorrow energy will save us. Based on this concept we develop BLDC Fan which saves 65 % of electricity consumption in fans. We are a well-known

BLDC ceiling fan manufacturer in India

, with a wide range of models for home appliances, schools, hospitals, and industrial plants.

OCECO is one of the leading BLDC

ceiling fan manufacturer

in India having premium shades that are best suitable for your ceiling colors like Golden Ock Wood, Pearl White, Metallic Brown, Opel White, and Matt Black. In our manufacturing plant, we have precious equipment for testing fan quality so we can assure that the customer gets the best quality. Also, we provide 3 years warranty for customer satisfaction and trust in the oceco fan.



Empowering Eco Solutions

OCECO redefines luxury with futuristic ceiling fan solutions where cutting-edge technology meets energy efficiency. We empower eco solutions with an optimized mix of advanced technology, extravagant luxury and rewarding savings.

With OCECO being an

energy saving fan manufacturer

, discover the benefits of OCECO’s range of exclusive BLDC ceiling fans.

save energy

Energy Saving

Energy savings, more than 65% savings, lower electricity bill

remote control

Remote Control

Remote control, no regulator needed, saves space on switchboard

inverter friendly

Inverter Friendly

Inverter/UPS friendly – Runs 3 Times longer, no extra noise, no speed drop

high air delivery

High Air Delivery

OCECO fans delivers more air than ordinary Fans

no heat

No Heat

BLDC Motor runs cool – No heat generated



3 years Limited Warranty



3 Watt Power Consumption at Low Speed



Advance Turbo Speed Mode



Advance Sleep Mode

Smart Remote

You have the control

oceco remote
  • remote-off Fan Turn OFF
  • remote-on Fan Turn ON
  • timer Timer : To turn OFF fan automatically between 1 to 8 Hours
  • timer Turbo : For High Speed
  • swing Swing : To increase and decrease speed automatically for feel of natural breez
  • light-off LED light Turn OFF
  • light-on LED light Turn ON
  • up Fine tune of speed
  • down Fine tune of speed
  • sleep Sleep : To reduce speed gradually for better comfort at night

Luxuriously and Sustainably Smart

Latest Ceiling Fan Range

Explore our range of BLDC ceiling fans that are high-end as well as energy efficient

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Be Smart with OCECO

We are coming with new features to operate fan with app. It’s a very smartly features to operate Fan with App for that you must have IR enabled android phone.

To operate OCECO Fan with app, download apk file in your android mobile and Install apk in mobile. App work like Oceco remote, keys while pointing remote towards the indicator on the fan.


Energy Calculator

Calculate Your Savings

Happy Savings that Comes in your Comfort Zone

  • Ordinary Fan

  • OCECO Fan

  • You Save (Yearly)

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OCECO celling fan, energy savings, more than 65% savings, lower electricity bill


Our Client’s Words

  • With the help of BLDC fan manufacturer- OCECO, we have installed BLDC fans at our corporate office was a great deal for us in terms of sophistication as well as long-term energy savings. Keep up the good work of energy saving fan manufacturing.

    Abhishek Patel, Mumbai

  • We have sourced elegant and smart BLDC fans from OCECO for our home. After the installation of these fans at our home, we have noticed a great cut in our electricity bills. Plus, my family is loving the remote control feature that adds to the luxury. Thanks to OCECO the ceiling fan manufacturers who have helped us selecting the best suitable fans.

    Vivaan Odedra, Banglore

  • OCECO BLDC Fan is my third purchase after atomberg gorilla fan & super fan, compare to this brands oceco fan has more features like I can set speed between 1 & 2(1, 1.15, 1.30, 1.45, 2), also there are swing mode & led lights. OCECO has proved to be the best BLDC ceiling fan manufacturer.


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Learn about the latest innovations in eco solutions, green energy initiatives, advantages of energy efficient technology, and steps towards sumptuous but sustainable living

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