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BLDC Ceiling Fans  | Inverter Fan

Our Smart, Sustainable, and Sumptuous
Range of Ceiling Fans that Makes a Great Difference

OCECO is a leading manufacturer of

BLDC fans in India

that develops an exclusive range of fans powered by the cutting-edge inverter technology. Our range of inverter ceiling fans portrays an ideal mix of the latest technology and great energy savings. We manufacture energy-saving

BLDC ceiling fan

that helps you save up to 65% in the electricity bill as compared to the conventional fan. Get your hands on our range of inverter ceiling fans that are smart, support sustainability and give great energy savings right at your comfort level.

The popularity of OCECO’s inverter fans can be justified with the fact that it comes with loads of benefits – Great energy efficiency (up to 65% electricity savings), helps with longer inverter backup, less heat but higher efficiency, and 3 years of warranty. Moreover, our exclusive range of fans Smart E1, Smart H1, and Smart J1 comes with remote control for extra convenience. OCECO’s inverter ceiling fans come with different specifications and features to suit your unique preferences and we offer the most competitive and reasonable Inverter ceiling fans and

BLDC ceiling fan price

, marking an edge above the rest.

Smart E1 Brown



Smart A1



Smart R1



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Smart Remote

You have the control

oceco remote
  • remote-off Fan Turn OFF
  • remote-on Fan Turn ON
  • timer Timer : To turn OFF fan automatically between 1 to 8 Hours
  • turbo Turbo : For High Speed
  • swing Swing : To increase and decrease speed automatically for feel of natural breez
  • light-off LED light Turn OFF
  • light-on LED light Turn ON
  • up Fine tune of speed
  • down Fine tune of speed
  • sleep Sleep : To reduce speed gradually for better comfort at night

Why Choose Energy Efficient BLDC Ceiling Fans?

BLDC Ceiling Fans | Inverter Fan

Advanced Features at a Moderate Price

Key Features of BLDC Ceiling Fan

  • Saves upto 60% energy.
  • Super energy efficient BLDC Motor Fan
  • Remote control, no regulator needed, saves space on switchboard
  • LED blinking for Speed indication and Night lamp
  • Higher Air Delivery
  • Highest service value more than 6.5(air delivery/watt)
  • Runs 3 times longer on inverter resulting longer battery life
  • No humming noise
  • Power factor better than 0.95
  • BLDC Motor runs cool – No heat generated
  • Consistent performance even at low WATTAGE and power fluctuation
  • Smart algorithms implemented to precisely tune the motor in real time.
  • 3 years of limited warranty
  • ROHS electronics
  • World-class ball bearings
  • Recyclable card board box
  • Parts from reputed sources
  • Powder coated Aluminium die cast body & leaves – no rust
  • Unique Premium design

Why should you buy BLDC ceiling fan?

  • ENERGY SAVING : Energy savings, more than 60% savings, lower electricity bill
  • REMOTE CONTROL : Remote control, no regulator needed, saves space on switchboard
  • INVERTER FRIENDLY : Inverter/UPS friendly – Runs twice longer, no extra noise, no speed drop
  • HIGH AIR DELIVERY : Oceco fans delivers more air than ordinary Fans
  • NO HEAT : BLDC Motor runs cool – No heat generated
  • WARRANTY : 3 years Limited Warranty
DescriptionUnitOrdinary FanOCECO Fan
Number of fans installedNos.55
Running hours in a dayHrs.10201020
Energy consumption in unit
@max speed per day
Energy consumption in unit
@medium speed per day
Tarrif/Unit of Electricity (Rs.)7
Electricity charges per year
@max speed
Electricity charges per year
@medium speed
Energy saving per year
Difference @max speed

Our Client’s Words

  • We have been buying the best BLDC fans in India from OCECO over the years. They have served us with the best quality. I am glad to meet the fan manufacturers directly to install fans in my house.

    Devendra Patel

  • OCECO has been one of the leading fan manufacturer in India over the years. Undoubtedly they do have the best colors and also best service. You can find reasonable BLDC fan price at OCECO with quality.

    Kirtesh Bukelia

  • OCECO offers excellent quality BLDC motor fan at an affordable price. I used their BLDC Fan since last 2 year. Highly Recommended!!

    Ronak Roy

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