Combining BLDC Fan with Air Conditioner Result in Great Electricity Savings – Here’s How

combination of ceiling fan and AC

combination of ceiling fan and AC

There is a strong myth majority of the people out there believe that one should avoid using ceiling fans along with air conditioners. The reasons given for the same are –

  1. Ceiling fans are likely to push the hot air in the room in the downward direction towards the objects of the room which eventually increases the load on air conditioners as it has to balance the hot air flown by the fans as well.
  2. People believe that owing to this phenomenon, it consumes more electricity.

As a ceiling fan manufacturer, we take it on us the responsibility to bust the bubbles and present the truth. Ceiling fan, when used along with AC create a breeze effect. And owing to the flow of breeze, the combination of the ceiling fan and AC can be leveraged to reduce electricity consumption.

Now, you might be curious to know how does it work and how it can reduce the electricity consumption?

Let’s get down to understand that.

Ceiling fans circulate the air inside the room. So, they flow a breeze of air in the downward direction which leads to the removal of hot air around the objects or people below which adds to the comfort of people in the room. Of course, a fan does not make the air cool, but it circulates the air present around you which helps stop the evaporation from the skin and makes you feel cooler.

In air conditioner, the electricity consumption depend on the temperature that you have set. This means, that if you put the air conditioner at 18°C it will consume more electricity as compared to air conditioner put on at 27°C. Each higher degree of AC temperature would help you save 5% electricity consumption as the compressor would have to function for a lesser duration.

When you combine BLDC fan and AC, the fan creates breeze effect on the human body which gives you comfort of 3-5 degrees lower thermal temperature than the temperature at which AC is on currently.

Assume that you want to set the room temperature at 23°C, then set the temperature at 27°C and put the fan on which would further minimize 4°C of the room temperature and give you the same effect as you get with only AC on at 23°C.

Set Temperature23°C = 27°C (With use AC) – 4°C (With use of Fan) = 23°C

However, if you use the ceiling fan with the air conditioner put on at a very low temperature, it might result in a reverse effect, resulting in more electricity consumption. Like AC at 16 or 18°C and ceiling fan at high speed is not an ideal way to combine them.

The most strategic temperature to go by when you are combining ceiling fan and AC is set your AC at 27°C and set the ceiling fan at speed 2 so that you will be able to enjoy the best comfort as well as great savings. You will feel the thermal comfort as if you have set the AC at 23 – 24°C.

The double cooling of fan and AC would allow you to set the AC at a temperature higher than 24°C and you can still experience the same level of comfort.

Moreover, having a BLDC fan installed would be a cherry on the cake while you combine AC with the fan. This combination strategy, would of course, work best if the ceiling fan while in operation generates less amount of heat and consumes less electricity.

The motor of the regular fan heats up above the room temperature and that would eventually increase a little load on AC to balance out the temperature. However, a BLDC fan like OCECO’s range of BLDC fans generates very less heat and also saves 65% electricity as compared to the regular fans. So, it goes without saying that the combination of BLDC fans and AC would result in great savings and gives you the right comfort.

Check the image below, to understand the electricity savings through the combination of BLDC fan and AC.


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