What is BLDC Fan and how it works?

BLDC Ceiling

BLDC Ceiling

As we are a manufacturer of bldc ceiling fan since 2015 this is the common question which we are getting from the customer. Bldc ceiling fan is one type of ceiling fan which consumes lower electricity compare to normal induction fan. It’s also called energy saving fan or brushless dc fan. The full form of bldc is brushless Direct current.

BLDC fan meaning is bldc motor use in bldc ceiling fan compare to induction motor in normal ceiling fan. With the use of bldc motor in ceiling fan we can save 60% electricity in the ceiling fan.

Bldc fan lifespan is more than a normal ceiling fan because there is no heat generated in BLDC Motor hence its increases lifespan of ceiling fan bearings, also there are fewer chances for the winding failure due to the use of high thickness copper wire in the winding.

The major parts use in bldc ceiling fan is

1. BLDC Motor:

Full form of bldc motor is a brushless dc motor.  For bldc motor there is no brush use between rotor and stator for transferring electricity supply so it’s called brushless dc motor.

Rotor : In bldc ceiling fan permanent magnet use in the rotor.

Stator : Copper winding use in stator which produces magnetic flux after supply of electricity.

When two same polarities (Ex S & S, N & N) takes place on rotor and stator, magnetic force push rotor to rotational movement. So for continuous rotation in rotor, we have to change polarity in the stator, so every time same polarity takes place on rotor and stator, which help to continuous rotation in rotor. An electronic drive use for continues changes in polarities in stator.

2. BLDC Drive:

In bldc drive following main component is use.

BLDC Drive

SMPS : SMPS is use for convert ac supply into dc supply.

Microcontroller : Microcontroller is use for receiving the input data from remote control and give output data accordingly to inverter.

Inverter : After receiving signal from microcontroller inverter drive to motor.

So bldc fan working principle is when we turn on fan the SMPS convert AC supply to DC supply then after microcontroller receives the input signal from the remote control and accordingly input signal microcontroller sends the signal to the inverter, then after inverter drives the BLDC Motor.

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