Why Should You Choose BLDC Ceiling Fans over Ordinary Ones?

BLDC ceiling fans


BLDC ceiling fans

Haven’t you heard of BLDC ceiling fan? It is asuper-efficient fan that can save up to 60% of energy as compared to a normal one. With BEE (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) pushing for efficient appliances in the country, the market for fans is moving towards super-efficient ones. With the coming of the hot and sultry summers in India, a large section of the electricity bills is due to running fans. The use of BLDC fans is on the rise and customers are content with the efficiency these appliances show.

How a BLDC Fan is made more efficient?

Typical fans are made of Single Phase Induction Electric motor while the BLDC fans have Brushless electronic DC motor. Aluminum used in the make and wiring in thesome of typical fans is cheap but inefficient. However, a BLDC ceiling fan manufacturer uses copper wiring. In comparison to typical fans that consumed 70-80 Watts of electricity, the modern, energy-efficient fans use only 30-35W, which is almost 60% less. As brushless DC motors have a high torque to weight ratio, it is definitely an energy-efficient choice.

Advantages of Using a BLDC Fan in your Home

You could easily find BEE 5star rated fans in the market. In these, the copper content has been increased and blade designs are modified to achieve efficiency. However, still, these fans could not compete with the efficiency of the BLDC fans. The BEE star rated fans have a lower air delivery of around 210 to 225 m3/min. While a 5star rated fan uses 40-56 Watts of electricity, the fans with brushless motors manufactured by a reputed BLDC ceiling fan manufacturer use just 30-35Watts. If you are choosing BLDC fans, you surely won’t be compromising on the amount of air you get as the air delivery of the fans is around 220/230m3/min. A few other significant benefits include low noise, longer lifetime, and increased reliability.

Your smart home definitely needs a BLDC fan. OCECO redefines luxury with efficiency developing futuristic fans that involves cutting-edge technology. Our fans are available in standard three colors – white, pink, and brown, which we feel will suit almost all types of interiors.

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